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Experienced and Creative Copywriter

I deliver professional, premium-quality, marketing writing services to individuals and businesses. I am cheerful a lot and always chuffed to chinwag, so if you want to chat about your project, grab the rap-rod and give me a tinkle. With six years of experience in developing content for clients of all types, I am ideally placed to meet your writing needs. Writing is my passion, that is why I have turned a passion into a profession.
I am a professional freelance copywriter with B.A.Ed. in Early Childhood Education.
As much as I love to write, I am also a virtual assistant, with grounded knowledge in Ms word, Excel, handling email, scheduling meetings and appointments.

I have a very strong work ethic, I am passion-driven and committed to my work.

Do you need to create amazing content for your blog?
Are you in need of compelling marketing content?
Do you need help consulting in a particular field?
Do you need a Virtual Assistant?
Or do you need help finishing tasks? I can be your project assistant, working hand in hand with you and your organization.

Below are how your clients should think of you and your product:
‘I’ve never heard of this before, but I’d like to find out more.’
‘That’s something I know I need. I want to learn more.’
‘That could help me.’
‘That could save me time.’

My special skills include:
Ability to work well alone or in a group.
Excellent writing talent and a knack for persuasive copy.
Ability to come up with high-concept ideas quickly.
Lateral thinking.

Don’t you also think communication is important, let’s get in touch today!


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