7 affordable ways to promote your freelance business

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7 affordable ways to promote your freelance business

Finding time to advertise your freelance business is the number one issue that freelancers encounter. You either have too many clients to deal with or you’re busy looking for more – in which case your current strategies aren’t working. 

So, here’s a quick list of things you can do today to promote your freelance business. These activities can take anywhere from 2 minutes to an hour, so pick deliberately whatever ones you have time for. 

  1. Promote your freelance business by including a link to your website on your social media handles 

You’d be surprised how many freelancers have drab social media pages. They just don’t seem to find the time to brush it up. There’s always something missing. If you only accomplish one thing from this list, make it an update on your social accounts with information about what you do, who you do it for, as well as a link to your portfolio or services page. 

This is an affordable way to promote your freelance business. 

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  1. Leave comments on blogs

Don’t underestimate the potential reach of a great comment on the right blog.  You don’t want to write something generic like, “nice post”, on a site you’ve never heard of since it won’t help your business. 

Instead, look for a recently published, widely circulated article that your target clientele is likely to be reading and leave a sincere comment on that. You may be wondering how to get started on this.  

First, identify a well-known blog or influencer in your niche with a similar readership to your target consumer. Next, set up Google Alerts for the blog or add it to your reader. As soon as a new post is published, scan it and make a thoughtful remark.  

Being prompt and helpful is crucial. You want your remark to be close to the top so that it is one of the first things new readers see and read when they arrive. 

This is an affordable way to promote your freelance business. 

  1. Dish out cold emails about your services

Cold emailing is an effective way to promote your freelance business. It’s pointless to wait for people to come to you if you need them to know who you are. You must be proactive while remaining friendly and professional. 

Make a one-pager outlining how your services will benefit your prospects (don’t forget to include it on your website). Then, email this one-pager to five prospects you’ve Googled today or to people who are already on your “to contact” list. 

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  1. Give a helpful reply to a comment on Meta (Previously Facebook)

Meta groups can help you find new clients. But first, you must join the right ones and follow proper etiquette (it’s a minefield out there!). 

Ensure that your target client is adequately represented in the group. Do you write for fishing companies? Become a member of a fishing company’s organization. 

Do you make logos for businesses run by single mothers? Join groups that are full of them. 

Once you’ve joined, go through the most recent postings to see what kinds of questions others are asking. Then, choose the one for which you are most prepared to respond and provide a detailed (and helpful) response. 

  1. Tell a friend about your freelance business and ask them to tell their friends too

Take advantage of your many friends and relatives. Don’t just say, “Oh, I do a little bit of this and that,” but be specific, because you never know who they could know. 

They may require your services at work, or they may know someone who does. Make sure your friends and relatives are aware of what you do so they can recommend you. It’s that simple. 

  1. Reach out to previous clients for referrals

Reaching out to a current or former client and asking them to refer you to someone else they know might make you feel queasy. But consider this: if you did an excellent job and you had a positive relationship with this customer, they will want to assist you. 

Not only that, but if they suggest you to someone else, it will make them appear good – and everyone wants to look their best. 

Choose a prior or current customer you enjoy working with and send them a simple email stating that you have a few openings in the next few months and would appreciate it if they’d let anybody who might be interested know. You’ll be surprised at how wonderfully this works. 

This is an affordable way to promote your freelance business. 

  1. Answer a Quora question 

Quora is fantastic for a lot of things, but it’s just lately begun to shine as a terrific tool to promote your freelance business. The idea is to be specific and thorough. 

Find queries that your target clientele is asking using the search function. So, if you’re a designer, discover what queries are being asked by searching “designer” and “small business.” Then proceed to knock that question out of the park with details and illustrations like the good noodle you are. 


Bottom line 

Promoting your freelance business doesn’t have to be a hassle. Follow the starter steps outlined in this post and you should see some differences soon. 

Know more affordable ways to promote your freelance business? Tell us in the comments section. 


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